AleSmith Barrel-Aged Vietnamese Speedway Stout 2016

Alesmith will soon be releasing Barrel-Aged Vietnamese Speedway Stout in 2016, one of their most highly celebrated variants of Speedway Stout, for the first time since the original release in 2014. The link for the sale recently popped up on Eventbrite, featuring both Alesmith Barrel-Aged Vietnamese Speedway Stout 2016 as well as a new variant called Mokasida Speedway Stout.

Barrel-Aged Vietnamese Speedway Stout is made with traditionally brewed vietnamese coffee and aged in bourbon barrels, creating a beer with a bold coffee flavor that perfectly compliments the barrel notes of oak, vanilla, and bourbon. Mokasida Speedway Stout is made with Mokasida coffee, which is an East African coffee blend. This blend of coffee and imperial stout creates unique flavors of cocoa, blueberry, and sweet potatoes.

Alesmith Barrel-Aged Vietnamese Speedway Stout 2016

The prices for the two beers are comparable to other recent Alesmith bottle releases, with Barrel-Aged Vietnamese Speedway selling for $30 per bottle and Mokasida Speedway for a slightly less expensive $22 per bottle. There is also a four bottle limit on each of the two different variants.

The online sale for Alesmith Barrel-Aged Vietnamese Speedway Stout 2016 and Mokasida Speedway Stout will begin at 11AM on Saturday, November 7th 2016 on Eventbrite. Bottle pickups will begin the following weekend on Saturday November 12th at 11AM all the way through the new year on January 1st 2017.

As with other online releases from Alesmith, there will be no refunds or returns, and any bottles not picked up by January 1st will be surrendered back to the brewery. Alesmith does allow you to designate someone else to pick up your bottles for you, but the exact person’s name entered as the pickup person will need to be the person who retrieves the bottles so there’s no changing your mind after the fact.

The bottle release will appropriately take place at the end of San Diego Beer Week 2016, a fantastic way to cap off many beer-soaked days in sunny San Diego.

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