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Bay City Brewing is a new brewery that opened on August 21st on Hancock street, just north of Kobe’s swapmeet in the area of San Diego’s Point Loma that Modern Times Brewing has dubbed Lomaland. Bay City has a Beer Garden and tasting room, serving up their impressively delicious beer along with excellent food from local vendors.

The lineup of beers available at Bay City was solid for such a new brewery (we visited August 30th, about a week after they opened their doors) with styles ranging from San Diego Pale Ale to American Stout. These were actually two of our favorite styles that we tried, along with an Experimental Pale Ale bursting with Nelson and Columbus hop aroma and flavor. We sampled all of Bay City’s available beers in a tasting flight, here’s a full breakdown of the beers we tried:

Bay City Brewing Tasting Flight

(From Left to right: Experimental Pale Ale, Session IPA, Nitro Porter, American Stout, San Diego Pale Ale)


Experimental Pale Ale: The Experimental Pale Ale had a strong and somewhat fruity hop-forward smell, with a nice distinctively piney, dry hoppy flavor. At 5.5% ABV, this beer offered a relatively low alcohol content for its huge bouquet of flavor.

Session IPA: This beer delivered what it promised as a nicely sessionable and light IPA, with just the right hop bitterness and flavor. At only 4.2% ABV, this would be a great beer for a warm summer day.

Nitro Porter: The Porter on Nitro offered aromas of coffee and rich malt, with a creamy and smooth mouthfeel followed by a bold and strong finish. For only 5.5% ABV this beer packs a ton of rich, smoky character, balanced nicely with the creamier notes.

American Stout: This was Bay City’s second-strongest beer at 6.6% ABV, with a smokey and enticing aroma. The American Stout had a nicely balanced and smooth, yet malty and rich flavor that reminded us of some of our favorite beers of this type and yet had a distributive character of its own.

San Diego Pale Ale: The style made famous by San Diego is Bay City’s strongest beer, with an ABV of 7.7%, and a big hop aroma. This San Diego Pale Ale has bitter notes yielding to pungent hoppy flavors from the Mosaic, Symcoe, and Chinook hops used in brewing this new and impressively unique take on an increasingly celebrated local style.

Bay City Brewery San Diego

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