Bourbon Barrel Old Strangler Reserve

Garage Brewing from Temecula, California recently brewed a bourbon barrel aged version of their Imperial Stout, Old Strangler. The regular version of Old Strangler is one of their most popular beers, and the barrel aging takes things up a notch both in terms of flavor and ABV in Bourbon Barrel Old Strangler Reserve (this version is 12.1% ABV compared to 11.8%).

We found the barrel aged Old Strangler to be an excellent beer, with notes of dark chocolate and bourbon, as well as a nice rich mouthfeel. There was a great balance between the smoky barrel notes, bitterness, and a sweetness that all came together quite well.

Bourbon Barrel Old Strangler Reserve

The official description of Bourbon Barrel Old Strangler Reserve from Garage Brewing is below:

“We believe in making our fresh craft beer from only the finest ingredients. And guess what? It’s really good! This flavorful beer developed from a recipe during our humble beginnings just got turned up a notch flavored in aged bourbon barrels!

Flavor: Roast, Licorice, Whiskey;
Aroma: Oak, Mocha;
Balance: Deep Roast and Malty;
Body: Full”

Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stouts are easily some of our favorite beers of all time, and Bourbon Barrel Old Strangler is an excellent example of the style. As with all of the beers we’ve tried from Garage, Bourbon Barrel Old Strangler Reserve was true to style with a delicious and unique flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel.

We enjoyed this beer relatively fresh (bottled in January 2017 and opened in March), but this would be a perfect beer to hold onto in the cellar for a few months, or a few years, to taste how all of the various flavors begin to blend and change over time. Bourbon Barrel Old Strangler Reserve would make a perfect beer to have with dessert or a cold winter night, due to its rich and bold flavors and high alcohol content.

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