Council Brewing Beatitude Tart Saison

Council Brewing Beatitude Mango Tart SaisonThe Council Brewing Beatitude Tart Saison is a powerfully tart and fruity wild beer, with a strong sour flavor. We tried the version of Beatitude that was made with Mango, which was instantly apparent upon pouring this beer due to it’s neon orange mango color. This beer has a pungent mango smell to go with it’s coloration, and bubbly carbonation (almost reminiscent of soda) that dissipated after only a few seconds. The color and smell are a great indicator of taste with this beer, and the first sip is a burst of intensely tart mango flavor that is all at once sour and refreshing.

This wild beer comes to life due to the mix of Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and Saison yeast that act on the age with various fruits during the fermentation process. Council uses an interesting no-boil brewing method, which they describe on the Council Brewing website as providing a “unique, doughy, bread like malt complexity to add depth to this very low alcohol beer” – we’re not sure if it’s this aspect of the brewing method, or the yeast and aging process in general, but the Beatitude Tart Saison is certainly a unique and intense sour beer with a flavor all it’s own.

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