Dogfish Head Redesigns Packaging

Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewery just announced redesigned packaging, adding new designs  for each beer that showcases its unique ingredients and flavor profile. The new designs are a collaboration between Dogfish Head’s own internal design team and design firm Interact Boulder. According to Dogfish Head on their blog the redesign brings, “focus to the creativity, high quality and often rare ingredients that go into our eclectic portfolio of beers,” and more designs will be rolled out throughout the year.

Trying new things and innovating are core parts of Dogfish Head’s identity. These new labels will feature unique ingredients or aspects of the production process that make each beer stand out. The packaging apart from the bottle also shows off the ingredients from each beer, even on the handle of 6-packs prompting you to have a greater connection with them.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA Redesigned Packaging

For such a popular and distinctive company as Dogfish head, changing package design is a bold and important move. Interact describes how they “conducted in-depth market strategy & insights, on-premise immersion, concept development, rounds of revisions and final artwork,” for Dogfish Head’s 21 different SKUs over 8 months.

Dogfish Head Redesigned Packaging

It’s good that Interact takes such an immersive approach to projects, because a massive redesign for a company like Dogfish Head requires a genuine understanding of their culture and brand. The new design is also meant to standardize important information like ABV and style to make these details easier to find at a glance. This will replace the existing designs that have been built up since the company started in 1995 and do not have the same cohesiveness that the new designs are meant to.

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA New Packaging

60 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head is featured prominently as an example of the new 6 pack design, and 90 Minute IPA shows a close up example of the new bottles. There’s also some less-in-focus examples of other Dogfish beers, and we’re curious to see how these new designs look out in the wild once they start making their way onto shelves.

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