Dogfish Head Sixty-One IPA with Grape Must

Dogfish Head Sixty-One IPA with Grape MustDogfish Head Sixty-One is a unique blend of hoppy IPA flavor and sweet wine barrel aged fruitiness. This beer started when the founder of Dogfish Head, Sam Calagione decided to mix their 60 Minute IPA with some red wine Р and thus the addition of one more ingredient inspired the name Sixty-One.

There is a small amount of white foam, and an almost burgundy or maroon color to the beer (very nice looking in our opinion!). The aroma of the Sixty-One has both floral hints of hoppiness and the more fruity notes of the Syrah grape must that is used in the brewing process – which you can read more about over on Dogfish Head’s website. The flavored are a nice level of hop flavor balanced with the fruity yet incredibly smooth notes of red wine. Overall this was an excellent beer, and a solid example of Dogfish Head’s history of mixing wine and beer in delicious ways.

Dogfish Head Sixty-One IPA with Grape Must

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