Elements of Composition from De Garde, Sante Adairius, and Jester King

Brewers from De Garde Brewing, Sante Adairius Rustic Ales, and Jester King Brewery have collaborated on a new blended sour beer named Elements of Composition.  Elements of Composition from De Garde, Sante Adairius, and Jester King is a particularly special project because it involved blending three-year old spontaneously fermented beer from De Garde, two-year old spontaneously fermented beer from Jester King, and foudre-aged Saison from Sante Adairius.

Elements of Composition from De Garde, Sante Adairius, and Jester King


This creates a truly unique blend that is rarely seen (typically this type of blend would include similarly aged beer from only one brewery). In Jester King’s blog post announcing the collaboration, they speak to the evolving nature of this style of beer:

“It’s important to note that we blended with an eye towards where the beer would go with time, because it’s alive! The beers from De Garde and Jester King were 100% spontaneously fermented with airborne yeast and bacteria collected overnight in their coolships, and the beer from Sante Adairius contains the wonderful menagerie of microbes found within the walls of their oak foudres. We knew this unfiltered, unpasteurized blend would change with time, so we used our palates and experience to try to anticipate how the beer would develop over the months and years ahead.”

Details of the release posted by Jester King are below:

Elements of Composition will be released at De Garde Brewing in Tillamook, Oregon on Friday, December 16th from 3pm to 7pm! It will only be available in bottles to go (750ml/$28). Approximately, 500 bottles are available with a limit of one per customer. Adair Paterno of Sante Adairius, and Jeff Stuffings and Josh Cockrell of Jester King, will join Linsey and Trevor Rogers at De Garde for the release. Adair and Jeff sent some special beers from Sante Adairius and Jester King to pour at it! De Garde has also put together a beautiful food menu for the event (posted below) by Chef Jacob Oliver.

Sometime in the coming months, Elements of Composition will also be released at Sante Adairius in Capitola, California and Jester King in Austin, Texas (dates to be announced).

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