Lost Abbey Veritas 018 Release

The second Veritas release of 2016 is finally upon us, and this beer promises to be incredible. With Barrel Night quickly approaching, the Lost Abbey Veritas 018 Release has been on our minds for the past few weeks.

The Lost Abbey announced the details of the Veritas 018 release about a week ago, and they’re quite exciting. The online sale will begin October 27th at noon PST, with the official link to be posted on their Instagram shortly before.



In terms of the beer itself, Veritas 018 will be a throwback to the wildly popular Veritas 015. This means that it will feature peaches, nectarines from Matsumoto Farms, and Apricots. Such a magical assortment of fruits delivered a fantastic beer previously, and Veritas 018 promises to be another special Brettanomyces and fruit infused barrel aged sour.

With all of the controversy and chaos surrounding the 2016 release of Duck Duck Gooze, there’s definitely a few Lost Abbey fans out there who are rightly concerned about how smooth this Veritas release will go.

For those who aren’t ware, this year’s Duck Duck release was originally planned to be released via Lost Abbey’s longtime e-commerce provider Nexternal, but the online sale crashed their servers and had to be postponed. This was unfortunately only the beginning of other postponements and server crashes, with the sale transitioning to Brown Paper Tickets and eventually Eventbrite. The original Eventbrite sale was then oversold, resulting in Lost Abbey having to cancel all the orders and set it up again and eventually even posting an official Duck Duck Gooze apology.


Veritas is a fantastic beer, but its hype does not match that of Duck Duck Gooze and we fully expect the Veritas 018 sale to go smoothly. The main issue is likely to be how quickly this beer will sell out, and it’s highly recommended to be ready right at noon on October 27th 2016 to make sure you don’t miss out on the Lost Abbey Veritas 018 Release. We’re definitely going to have our finger on the button at 11:59!


Lost Abbey Veritas 018 Release

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