Modern Times Fermentorium Cafe Grand Opening

San Diego craft brewery Modern Times will be hosting the grand opening of their new cafe at the Lomaland Fermentorium on September 22, 2016. Modern Times has been roasting coffee for quite a while now, but until now they’ve only served it on tap or by selling the beans to brew at home, so opening a cafe will be new territory for them. 

Modern Times announced the soft opening for the cafe in their email newsletter back a few days ago on September 7th and then the next day on their Instagram account. Since then they’ve been posting enticing pictures of their new setup, and what we’ve seen so far looks pretty impressive and tasty.

In their picture for the soft opening the crew at Modern Times showed off their latte art skills, and just a few days later posted a picture of the cafe menu including a solid looking pour over menu in addition to a new Autumn blend called Cloud Ripper.

What really caught our eye was when they posted a picture of their new coffee slushie machine, which they appropriate dubbed the “slush capacitor,” doling out a delicious looking Black House Blend cold brew horchata slushie. We haven’t had a whole lot of cold brew horchata slushies before, and this sounds like a fantastic idea.

They’ve also retrofitted an old diving helmet to dispense cold brew coffee, which also seems pretty cool and lends itself to the funky design of the Lomaland Fermentorium.

In general it’s rare to see a coffee shop in a brewery tasting room in San Diego, much less one owned and operated by the brewery itself. Modern Times is unique in their approach to both brewing beer and roasting coffee under one roof, and in pushing the coffee concept further it’s really helping the to evolve the experience at their Lomaland Fermentorium. Roasting their own coffee in house has also allowed Modern Times to experiment with a number of coffee-infused beers including their year-round Black House coffee stout and City of the Dead which features barrel aged coffee.

Modern Times announced in their newsletter that the grand opening will feature which a full coffee menu, special coffee flights, some delicious coffee-centric beers on tap, and more. For now you can go and taste a few Modern Times beers and then have a quick coffee or latte to perk you back up before leaving, cheers to that!

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