Modern Times Festival of Dankness

Modern Times Universal FriendThis year’s first annual Modern Times Festival of Dankness is a celebration of all that is IPA, in San Diego’s bayside Waterfront Park. As Modern Times puts it, “a celebration of the stickiest of the icky, the dankest of the dank, the bombest of the bomb-diggity” – celebrating hops in all of their bitter, fresh, and delicious glory.

Modern Times only just recently celebrated their two-year anniversary, and the Festival of Dankness is their first annual festival, bringing together 36 breweries and over 70 beers for a day of hoppiness in one of San Diego’s newest venues, the Waterfront Park by the bay just north of Downtown. The event promises to be a unique experience with many brewers in attendance. The Festival of Dankness is on Saturday, August 22nd in San Diego’s Waterfront Park, learn more over on the Modern Times website. We’re super excited to check out Modern Times’ first festival, hopefully we’ll see you there for some fantastic IPA’s!

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