Modern Times Goblin Rock Can Release

Modern Times has announced their final limited can release of 2016, which will be Goblin Rock IPA. This is one of a continuing series of limited-release canned IPAs that Modern Times has released in the later half of 2016 that has included Mage Hand, Underworld Dreams, Blam! Blam!, and Attack Frequency. The Modern Times Goblin Rock Can Release will take place online via Brown Paper Tickets on Monday, December 19th at 10am PST.

UPDATE 12/19: Link for beer release

Goblin Rock is a hazy, New England style IPA brewed with a wide array of hops including Southern Passion, Mosaic, Citra, and experimental South African hops. In their own brand of unique marketing language, Modern Times describes Goblin Rock as a “magical rainbow of tropical, peachy delights“ – as always we’d love to know what the fine people at Modern Times were smoking when they wrote that description (we’d probably like some too). 


As with all of the previous limited-release IPA cans that Modern Times has released, the sale for Goblin Rock will take place online via Brown Paper Tickets. The date of the release is December 19th. It is very likely that there will be a few barrel aged stouts and sour beers released alongside Goblin Rock, since every limited can release that Modern Times has done in the past has also included a number of limited dark and sour bottles for sale as well.

Depending on how quickly the sale goes it’s possible that cans of Goblin Rock may become available at the Modern Times Lomaland location, since we’ve now seen this same thing happen when a few of their previous limited can releases did not sell out online and became available for purchase at that location for a limited time.

It’s very likely that one of the sour beers included in this release will be Palace of Cracked Heads. Modern Times recently posted that they were bottling this new sour release, which is a red wine barrel aged dark sour with nectarines.


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