Stone Enjoy By IPA

Stone Enjoy By IPAThe Stone Enjoy By IPA is a salute to fresh hoppiness, and it strongly succeeds at this. With each batch specifying the date by which to drink it for maximum freshness and preservation of the loaded hop flavor, Enjoy By takes the most direct approach in making sure beer drinkers get the most out of this explosion of hoppiness while it is still fresh. We tasted the 09.02.15 batch for this review, but we’ve had a few others in the past (all similarly fantastic!) and look forward to many more in the future. There are a multitude of hop flavors, including a piney, smooth hop flavor, balanced with a surprisingly smooth malty balance.

Stone Enjoy By has a strong 9.4% ABV, and one of the amazing things about this beer is how smooth and balanced it is, considering the huge amount of hoppy flavor and high alcoholic content. There is an impressive patchwork of hops used in this beer, including over a dozen different kinds of hops! The dedication to exploring new hop combinations and techniques really shines through in this excellently drinkable, highly flavorful, and absolutely delightful beer. Stone goes into detail about the brewing process and tasting notes on their website, which you can explore further at, they even provide a countdown clock to reinforce that you should enjoy your Enjoy By today!

Stone Enjoy By Close Up

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