Stone Vanilla Bean Porter, Cabin Fever Mixed 12 Pack

Stone recently announced a new and exciting Stone Vanilla Bean Porter coming Fall 2016 in a new Winter-themed mixed 12 pack. The new Stone Cabin Fever Mixed 12 Pack will feature Stone Coffee Milk Stout, Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0, and Stone Delicious IPA alongside the new Stone Vanilla Bean Porter to balance out two hoppy and two low-ABV dark beers.

Stone Vanilla Bean Porter Bottle

Back in 1996, Stone started offering their bold and smoky Stone Smoked Porter, a 5.9% ABV beer with a pointedly smoked flavor profile that embodies Stone’s bold brand. For fans and detractors alike, the new Stone Vanilla Bean Porter represents an intriguing change from their longstanding Stone Smoked Porter.

Stone Vanilla Bean Porter Label

With the additional of whole vanilla beans, and the removal of the “smoked” element, Stone Vanilla Bean Porter promises to be a sweeter and very drinkable beer compared to Stone Smoked Porter. The soft and creamy elements of vanilla should nicely complement the roasty and chocolatey notes of the base Porter, resulting in a nicely balanced beer.

Stone offers some background into the creation of Stone Vanilla Bean Porter:

“We have played with many ingredient additions in our porters over the years and love the versatility of this beer,” said Jeremy Moynier, Senior Manager, Innovation Program and Supply Chain. “We first added vanilla beans back in 2006 in a cask and loved the results so much we would do small runs of this beer from time to time.  Recently we tried out this new version through our pilot system to see what our fans thought and we got our best response to date! It seemed obvious to do it on the large scale to get it out there so even more people could enjoy it.”

Stone Cabin Fever Mixed 12 Pack

The new Stone Cabin Fever Mixed 12 Pack started being packaged last week to kick off the arrival of Fall and the approach of colder weather. Including a new vanilla beer as part of a package will likely drive purchases of the more common beers that are included, like Stone Delicious and Ruination, due to interest in trying the new vanilla porter. We definitely look forward to getting our hands on some to try out by the fire.

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