Stone Xocoveza 2016

Xocoveza is one of our favorite seasonal beers from Stone Brewing, and it’s back for the holidays and new year again. Stone Xocoveza 2016 will be available from October to December this year in 12oz bottles in 6-packs and on draft with nationwide distribution. Originally released on 2014, this beer has now become a popular annual release.

Stone Xocoveza ingredients

A winter-themed Mocha Stout, Xocoveza is only 8.1% ABV but tastes stronger with all of its bold spiced flavors. Xocoveza is Stone’s take on a Mexican hot chocolate beer, featuring cinnamon, cocoa, pasilla peppers, vanilla, nutmeg, milk sugar, and Mostra coffee. With such a large number of strong adjuncts, this beer is great either fresh or aged for a while in the cellar.


Originally Xocoveza won Stone’s Homebrew competition as a submission from homebrewer Chris Banker, and was subsequently bottled as a Stone special release from Chris Banker, Ivan Morales the Head Brewmaster at Cerveceria Insurgente, and Mitch Steele the former Stone Brewmaster. The fact that this beer originally started as a homebrew and has now become a yearly favorite is a great testament to the inventiveness that pushes craft beer forward.

Stone Xocoveza 6pack

The packaging design that Stone made for Xocoveza has a winter snowflake theme to it in a teal blue and green color scheme. Xocoveza is one of three 2016 Stone Imperial Seasonal beers alongside Stone Mocha IPA, and Stone Americano Stout. Many other Mexican hot chocolate beers have emerged over the past few years, many as limited special releases including Bottle Logic’s Leche Borracho, Modern Times Monsters’ Park “Mexican hot chocolate” variant, and Alesmith’s Mexican Speedway Stout. By comparison Xocoveza is much easier to find (none of those beers can be found on shelves), and it’s a delicious winter seasonal to keep you warm when the weather starts to turn colder.

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