Tusk & Grain Barrel Blend No. 02 Bottle Release

San Diego’s Tusk & Grain has announced the release of their second Barrel Blend beer, as well as the re-release of their entire 2016 series of barrel-aged beers. Tusk & Grain Barrel Blend No. 02 is a 12.94% ABV mix of a two-year barrel-aged Barleywine, a 2-year-old Imperial Stout, and a one-year-old Export Stout. Tusk & Grain is a specialty brand from Saint Archer Brewing, which was acquired by MillerCoors back in 2015. The Tusk & Grain Barrel Blend No. 02 Bottle Release alongside the re-release of the 2016 series will complete an impressive year for Task & Grain.

“The backbone for this Barrel Blend is the barleywine that has been aged for 24 months in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels, allowing it to develop overwhelmingly rich components of caramel, toffee, oak, and bourbon. During this time it has mellowed and developed a sweetness that perfectly balances its assertive alcohol content,” says Greg Peters, Tusk & Grain Cellar Master. He adds, “With the addition of a 2-year-old Imperial Stout, and a one-year-old Export Stout, elements of chocolate and roast further add to the complexity of this beer bringing rich, dark fruits to the nose and a finish that is surprisingly smooth and drinkable. Overall, this beer, for obvious reasons, can be seen as a more mature and refined take on Barrel Blend 1.”

Tusk & Grain Barrel Blend No. 02 – ABV 12.94%.

The release of Barrel Blend No. 02 will coincide with the re-release of all of the 2016 Tusk & Grain beers, including Barrel Blend .01, Coconut Stout, Barrel-Aged Gose, Brandy Barrel-Aged Coffee Porter, Tequila Barrel-Aged Coffee Porter, and Barrel Blend No. 02. The details for the release party are below:

Barrel Aged Blend No.02 + Tusk & Grain Series Re-Release Party
Friday, Dec. 9th / from 5-9 PM
Food Truck – URBN PIZZA
9550 Distribution Ave, San Diego, CA 92121


Tusk & Grain Barrel Blend No. 02 Bottle Release


About Tusk & Grain
Founded on the ideals of a timeless craft, Tusk & Grain embodies the hard work and artisanship that seeks to create truly unique beers and barrel-aged specialties. Our brewers hand select the most sought after barrels, and use only the highest quality goods in the design and execution of their vision for these beers. We hope you will enjoy the bountiful flavor, complexity, and texture in each pour.

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