Wicked Weed and The Rare Barrel Collaborate on Happy Blending

Two of the most renowned producers of sour beer in the U.S., Wicked Weed Brewing in Asheville North Carolina and The Rare Barrel in Berkeley California, will be collaborating on a sour beer named Happy Blending. This is hugely exciting news for fans of the two breweries, and collaborations are starting to become quite a trend with Wicked Weed after their collaborations with Creature Comforts (Juiceless), Troi Dames, and Jester King (Red Atrial). If you could ask us what wish we would have for a sour beer collaboration, it would probably be that Wicked Weed and The Rare Barrel Collaborate on Happy Blending

Happy Blending will be a barrel aged sour, which is unsurprising given that barrel aged sour beers are what Wicked Weed and The Rare Barrel are both well known for. Additions of nectarines and plums will also give Happy Blending a nice fruit profile unique from other fruited offerings from the two breweries.


Wicked Weed The Rare Barrel Happy Blending


According to the recently released label of the beer, cellarmen from both The Rare Barrel and Wicked Weed travelled to each other’s brewery to select the very best barrels to use in the collaboration beer. Happy blending will be a 500ml bottle release, and comes in at 6.6% ABV. The release date, as well as whether the beer will be sold by Wicked Weed, The Rare Barrel, or both, has yet to be announced. We’ll be certain to post an update as soon as those additional details are made public.

The label provided in the press release has the following description for the collaborative effort between the two breweries:

This collaboration is the brainchild of blenders from both Wicked Weed and The Rare Barrel breweries. Cellarmen travelled to one another’s breweries to select their favorite barrels from the others’ collection. They then combined the beer from these barrels with 3 lbs per gallon of nectarines and plums. This combination formed the perfect balance of character and flavor to represent each respective barrel house.

This is one collaboration beer we’ll definitely try to get our hands on. Given the rarity of special releases from both of these breweries this may be a difficult one to nail down. Cheers to hunting good beers!

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